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In Japan, Daijishin is the equivalent of the "Big one" in North America. An earthquake very powerful which could happen in the next 20 years in Tokyo area, according to the scientific community. The number of people killed is estimated to 30,000.

I spent the summer in this country. I started to imagine the end of the life in Tokyo, silence et emptiness created by this disaster. Little by little I collected life fragments, death samples and antagonists emotions. Back in France, I built my history, put side by side life and daijishin.

But this story is not a fiction, the risk is real. In a way I would like to make think about the dangers of overconsumption : Hamaoka's nuclear plant, located on the daijishin's epicentre, could be the origin of another nuclear disaster in Japan. This power station could be closed by simply minimizing the waste of energy in Japan's capital.





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